24 Hour Monitoring

We can connect your Burglar Alarms to our 24 Hour Monitoring Centre for notifications upon activation.

With our 24 hour alarm monitoring service, all our Alarm Systems can be connected to our Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) which can receive all types of alarms including Intruder Alarm, Panic Alarm, and Fire Alarm signals.

How it works

Once you arm your alarm system it will transmit signals upon activation.

Panic buttons and smoke detectors work even when unset. When activation is detected your alarm system will send  a signal to the ARC.

Our system can use either landline, GSM/GPRS or radio technology.  Using enhanced alarm protocols modern systems can notify an ARC of exactly what area of your home or business premises has activated.

Once the monitoring center has received alarm signals, you and your key holder will be instantly notified in addition to the emergency services if necessary.

Low cost

Domestic alarm monitoring prices per month are very reasonable. Contact us for details.


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