Weak security in Cannes requires a proper security audit

You might remember a while back we had an article on our blog about the robbery in Cannes. Well guess what. It’s happened again, not once but twice !

A jewellery exhibition in a hotel was relieved of items worth €40 million by an armed raider

FK Security report on robbery

while a watch store was relieved of 40 very valuable watches.

FK Security report robbery of valuable watches

The ease with which it is happening in Cannes is scary and not very encouraging for people holidaying or stopping over in expensive Hotels.

One wonders what security audits they do and what security systems such as CCTV, door entry control systems and monitoring they provide to put their guests’ minds at ease.

One of the essential requirements with any business premises frequented by the public or containing valuable items is to ensure security and safety by performing a security audit and identifying any weaknesses that can be exploited.  This would include increased precautions and safeguards against internal breaches of security too.

Maybe it is time to rethink your security and intruder detection systems. When was the last time you had a real good security audit and check?  When was the last time you got your systems tested? Is an alarm system enough to protect your premises or home? Do you need CCTV in strategic places? Do you know areas of weakness where intruders can enter or use other equipment to break in? You would be surprised at weak areas that you never thought would be entryor break-in points. Get your premises security audited today and get a security audit report to put your mind at ease.

We may not cover France, yet ! However if they need security advise and great security audit services that will prevent and discourage such break-ins we would be more than willing to pop over. Our great rates and personal service are well renowned for the last 15 years.

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