Top tips to reduce your chances of being burgled

How to minimise your chances of being burgled

After an unfortunate incident such as a break-in it is important to take necessary precautions to prevent a reoccurrence. Below are some guidelines to help in protecting you and your property from further break-ins. These useful tips will help protect your home or premises from being burgled.  Coupled with a burglar alarm system from FK Security your property will be secure from intruders.

Lock up

Good secure locks on doors and windows is essential to deter and obstruct potential burglars. Having a daily routine of checking all your windows and doors bwefore you leave your home or property will ensure  there are no easy entry points for any intruder.

Restrict entry on the outside perimeters

Ensure your property and surrounding land is secured through high walls or fencing and locked gates.  If possible use lights with sensors that come on when any movement within radius of your property occurs. Naturally if you have pets or animals you may want to restrict this to certain areas.

Show your security

Display earning signs in obvious places such as gates and walls and ensure burglar alarms are visible so that these combined displays will deter any intruders from selecting your property.

Garden or driveway noises

Being selective about your garden or driveway design can actually help your security. By choosing gravel, crunchy bark or stones and being selective about bushes and tree placements you can actually obstruct and hinder an intruder’s path or entry points to a property. Noisy gravel on a driveway can draw attention to an intruder’s vehicle and strategically placed plants and bushes can hinder entry and exit points to a property.

Show you are there

Ensuring lights are on, even when you’re not there (use a timer) and ensuring activity is visible through regular upkeep of your property will help deter burglars. If a property is neglected and run down and always dark, this could send a signal to the intruder that the property is mainly unoccupied.

We hope these useful tips help you in protecting your home. As a top security systems company for the last 15 years we are fully experienced in all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial property security. If your systems need an upgrade, health check, or additions why not give us a call or email and we will arrange a security audit to put your mind at rest.

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