How Twitter can get you burgled

Burgalry by Social Media

Burglaries are big news again this week with celebrity actress, Helen Flanagan, formally of Coronation Street, imitating her on screen character by letting the world know she was alone in her house and thus attracting the interest of house burglars who seized the opportunity to relieve her of money and valuables.

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How did they know? Helen used social media tool Twitter to tweet the fact that her boyfriend was away.  As we advertised in one of our burglary tips articles, be cautious when using social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter and don’t advertise that your property is vacant or that you are away on holiday.

Even friends of friends on social networks might not be your friend and savvy burglars and opportunists can use clever internet search techniques to discover who is talking about vacant homes or holidays on social media sites and then use this information, along with Google maps, to locate your property and break in.

TV3 Ireland also this week highlighted the trickery and cunning tactics of daylight robberies performed by burglars and thieves who pick on the elderly and vulnerable by pretending to be either policemen or service workers.

Both incidents highlight the fact that burglaries and theft are still very much a regular occurrence in Britain and Ireland and the requirement for intruder alarm systems, CCTV, access control systems and regular checks and maintenance on current installed systems are an urgent necessity.

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