Cannes Film Festival needs FK Security Systems

Looks like more burglaries at the Cannes Film Festival.  Even large hotels and posh places can be hit by clever intruders and if you don’t have a security strategy or procedure in place, you can be hit by an opportunistic burglar who is experienced, adept and ready to pounce when the time is right. Look out in our upcoming blog articles for tips and guidelines on how to follow simple steps to protect your premises and houses from adventurous burglars.

See the articles from Yahoo news below.

China Film Group vice president Zhang Qiang revealed that all of his luggage had been stolen from his rented apartment after a break in.

FK Security burglar system would have helped

Check out the first burglary where $1 million in jewels were stolen from a Hotel in the middle of Cannes. Click here to view the article

Maybe they should have given FK Security a call. We’re quick, efficient and thorough. No one gets past our systems !

Want to prevent a similar occurence to your valuables ?  Why not give FK Security Systems a call or contact us using the box in the home page footer to obtain a FREE Consultation where we can audit your current security setup and advise you of any areas requiring attention or improvement.

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