10 home security tips to avoid being burgled this summer

10 Home security tips to avoid being burgled this summer

Going away on a holiday break this summer? Avoid coming home to a burgled house and loss of valuables by implementing these top home security tips.

  1. Remember to close windows when going out. Even during the summer months of warm weather you may be tempted to leave the windows and doors open. Better a warm house than a house empty of valuables.
  2. Stay alarmed – remember your passcode and ensure your alarm works with testing and servicing by your provider (FK Security of course).
  3. Letters and Post- Get the post office to keep your post for the period you are away. If you have a good relationship with your neighbours get the post man to drop your post there or give them a key to collect your post when you are away.
  4. External lights – install motion sensing lights that come on when there is movement near your property. Install near garages, porches, back gardens and front entrances.
  5. Internal Lights – Using plug timers with lamps and other internal lights such as hallway and landings can give the impression of somebody being at home. When using a daily timer note the times that it gets dark so you can time the light to come on a little before then. Don’t forget to set an off time too.  Add radios to a timer as well. This will give the impression of people at home listening to radio.  Opting for a radio is more reliable than TV as signals can be lost resulting in blank screens.
  6. Social Media advice- Don’t tell everyone online.  Try not to advertise the fact that you are on holiday on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Opportunist thieves can search social media using the appropriate keywords especially if you have made your privacy settings public.  If you cannot refrain from sharing your holiday information then do ensure you follow the other tips to secure your property.
  7. Car care  - Keep your car in front of your house or property even when you are away. This gives the impression of occupancy. If your car is left at the airport, ask a neighbour to park there.
  8. Hide the expensive stuff – Don’t show off. Don’t leave expensive stuff in full view near or at a window. Lower your blinds or draw the curtains a little or move or cover your valuable and attractive items.
  9. Hide valuables – Hide valuables in places burglars would not think of looking. Give them to relatives or neighbours to mind or put them in a bank or with a storage company until you return.
  10. Call on neighbours and friends – let your neighbours and friends know your plans. Ask them to help by cutting the lawn, watering flowers, feeding animals or airing the house for a few minutes each day. This will discourage any burglar or intruder from previewing the property for a hit.
Need to ensure your home alarm security system is working before you go. Contact us for a health check and we will ensure it is in working order. We’ll be there quickly and put your mind at ease with one less holiday item to worry about.

The following video from Howcast sums up our article perfectly. We didn’t copy from them but they make the same points we have made above. Be diligent, prepare well and enjoy your holiday.

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